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Blue Suede Shoes
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Deep in the woods of Wisconsin, little Mary Martin has been missing for five weeks.

Meanwhile, Clare Paxton is a woman living the unfinished dream of leaving behind her sleepy hometown of Danfield, Wisconsin. When the girl goes missing, leaving only her tiny blue shoes behind in the dark northern forest, Clare can’t idly stand by as local police fumble the case.

Handsome police chief Jared Grady seems far more interested in keeping watch on Clare’s meddling than searching for the girl, and no one in town seems to care that there could be a kidnapper in their midst—or worse. Why would the townspeople of Danfield allow little Mary’s case to go cold?

Secrecy, gossip, suspense, and betrayal weave a tangled web for the residents of Danfield. Clare’s curiosity isn’t so welcome, and soon she discovers more than she might have hoped about her small-town neighbors.

Critic’s Corner

“Blue Suede Shoes is an engrossing criminal drama that takes dramatic twists and turns in a small Wisconsin town that has been torn apart by tragedy.

Clare, a woman with an unfinished dream of leaving behind her hometown, finds herself drawn into the investigation of a young girl’s murder after her lifelong friend Derek finds a critical clue.

From that point on, secrecy, gossip, suspense, and betrayal lead the narrative to its fast-paced, climactic ending.”

– ChickLitCentral.Com

“I could not put this book down from the moment I read the first page. The story holds you captive from page one to the very last page.

The author’s attention to detail is amazing and makes you feel as if you are living in small town Danfield. The main character Clare is a very strong independent woman who has a mind of her own and yet is vulnerable.

This book is a real page-turner that builds to a suspenseful climax and a very surprising ending. I absolutely loved it and rate it 5 stars!”

– Mrs. Mommy Booknerd’s Book Reviews

“In Ms. Reardon’s debut novel, Clare Paxton is a deeply conflicted character.

She hates living in the small town in which she grew up, dragged back by her mother’s “illness” and haunted by her mother’s obsession with her deadbeat dad who left them when Clare was little. She makes no bones about her dissatisfaction there, which annoys people who are more than content.

She felt she was the only one who cared about Mary and proceeded to make a potential nuisance of herself poking around and putting herself, and possibly others, in extreme danger. I thought Clare was trying to make up for a lack in her own life by throwing herself into the search for Mary.

There were points when I wanted to shake Clare and tell her to step back a moment. She was dogged in her pursuit of the truth, but I felt her prejudices against the town kept her from seeing the big picture.

I enjoyed the twists and turns in the story, but Clare sometimes got on my nerves with how much she didn’t or couldn’t listen to others. I think Clare has a lot of growing up to do and I wonder if the author’s second novel will address some of those issues.”

– Bibliophilic Book Blog

“Early on, Reardon describes a photograph of a missing little girl’s blue suede shoes, capturing the absolute sadness of the girl’s fate in just a couple of forlorn sentences. She brings visceral emotion to this tale that hangs on long after you turn the page.”

– Frank Zafiro, Author of Waist Deep and Blood on Blood

“Deborah Reardon’s debut novel, Blue Suede Shoes, is a compelling portrait of a frustrated young woman struggling to solve a murder in a small town where no one seems to care.

The tension builds page after page as Clare Paxton navigates her way through a series of old and new relationships, fighting against old habits and stubborn secrets. You won’t want to put it down!”

– Michelle Daniel Chadwick, Writer and Attorney